What moms should know about children who are left-handed

What moms should know about children who are left-handed

Moms... Today, August 13th, is "International Left Hander's Day." What's unique about this is that just 10% of the world's population is left-handed.

The tendency to use the left hand more than the right hand is referred to as left-handedness. Once a child realised he was left-handed, he became right-handed. They are obliged to write with their right hand. But today's mothers recognise and appreciate the importance of raising a robust child who excels according to his nature...

Each person's brain has a unique structure; youngsters are also left-handed due to their communication style. It is possible to be right-handed or different. So, if your youngster is naturally left-handed, he will struggle to utilise his right hand...

Today, I'm going to tell parents what they want to know about how left-handedness developed and the advantages it provides for left-handed children.

What are the causes behind the left hand's superiority?


Even the academics are baffled as to why barely 10% of the world's population is physically fit. Simply said, some parents are right-handed and their children are left-handed owing to heredity. Some such factors include:

Genetics - If a certain gene is handed down from either mother or father to a kid, the child may inherit it and, depending on other environmental variables, the child may grow to be strong. However, it has recently been shown that instead of a single gene, multiple separate genes are joined.

Gender Distinctions - Boys are more left-handed than girls. This is due to the action of the male testosterone hormone, according to study.

Fetal Development - According to some studies, left-handedness and right-handedness are more impacted by the external environment than by heredity, beginning with hormone exposure in the mother's womb.

Imitation - Children mimic their parents and other close relatives, and as a result, they become left-handed or right-handed. However, some parents are right-handed, while their child is left-handed. There are also cases where the father is left-handed and the child is left-handed, thus it is difficult to explain.

Which one is the most powerful? Are you a right-handed person? How are the phases going?


You will see that they utilise both their right hands equally when the youngster was little. For instance, if the toy is on the left side, they will take it with their left hand; if it is on the right side, they will grab it with their right hand.

They begin to learn to use one hand more forcefully at the age of 18 months. Is the youngster left-handed if he or she is beyond the age of three? If you are right-handed, you will be aware of it. However, according to a recent study conducted in the United Kingdom, newborns can learn which hand to use while still in their mother's womb. According to legend, nine out of ten newborns in their mother's womb like to suck their right thumbs more than their left.

Are you left-handed or right-handed? It may be deduced that it is directly tied to the strength of the brain's left or right brain.

The Benefits of Left-Handed Children


Some sports are more powerful than others.

Tennis against cricket Left-handed children can generate shots in basketball that put other right-handed players off balance.

Capability to perform many activities at once.

Since they were little, left-handed youngsters have been learning to cut with scissors. People who have learnt to accomplish things differently than others, such as writing. As a result of this, they have already trained their brains to accomplish a lot of work, and they have excellent multitasking abilities.

Increased visibility beneath water.

They have the capacity to see the lovely things underwater more clearly because they are left-handed, so swimmers, who investigate the underwater world; if you work as a photographer of small aquatic species, you will be able to exploit this advantage.

Problem-solving abilities Those with strong problem-solving abilities They, unlike others, have the ability to think beyond the box.

Six of the previous twelve US presidents have been left-handed, including US President Barack Obama. The American Journal of Psychology did study on Nobel Prize-winning author, the artist Many architects and mathematicians work with their left hand. As a result, persons who are left-handed are capable of thinking from a variety of angles.

The world is full of left-handed persons.

The English Prince William Queen Victoria Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon; Leonardo da Vinci, the artist Paul McCarney, one of the greatest guitarists Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and former Apple co-founder Steve Jobs are all left-handed.

Are there any moms with left-handed children present?

I'm appreciating children's diversity and individuality.