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What exactly is depression?

What exactly is depression?

Where does depression originate?

Is depression curable?

Although it is simple to label depression as a mental condition, it is not.

You may experience sadness, irritability, apathy, and dullness as a result of a mental disease.

Everyone has unknowingly mental ailment.

I don't want to do anything since you're constantly miserable, arrogant, weak, and lonely.

I'm unable to sleep and eat.

Forced sleep and forced feeding occur on occasion.

I can't think clearly, I can't concentrate, I don't want to meet people anymore, I don't have the strength to meet people, I want to die, I said that those who continually image death are sick in their minds, I said that those who constantly imagine dying are sick in their minds.

Anyone can experience depression.

When you are mentally sick, no matter how powerful you are, you might get washed under the waves.

For example, the death of a loved one, such as the person you love the most, or the loss of something you treasure will make you sad.

It progressed to depression.

Where does depression originate?

Physical manifestations of mental illness From sexual and emotional abuse and trauma - From old age and loneliness - From depression - From drug use

- From family problems such as not being cared for, not being loved, or not being important 

- From the loss of something cherished, such as the death of the person you love the most 

- In women and from the menstrual cycle in women 

- From those who did not have serious depression in their family 

- From anxiety and panic about things that do not happen (new job, new partner, new place) 

- A illness can also induce depression (incurable or incurable disease conditions - cancer, HIV AIDS).

Stop experiencing what you are feeling if you want to heal depression.

Depression is treatable.

People sometimes see depression as insane, and it is now common to refer to it as a joker or joker.

Depression is regarded as a way of life.

Those are low-cost items. How do people who suffer from depression actually live? You can sympathize even though you do not have the sickness.

Treatment varies according on the degree of depression.

The simplest solution is to open up.

I need someone to listen to me.

That individual must be a decent person.

You must be dependable and not sad.

If you don't want to open up, get religious and divert yourself.

If you do not choose to be religious, you may meditate and form your mind in whatever way you see fit.

If you are not depressed, visit a doctor and take medication.

See a psychotherapist for treatment.

Join the club and help the squad heal.

Depression is treated in 80-90% of individuals.

If you see someone who is depressed, don't shun them; instead, encourage and assist them.

In this shattered era, what are we doing if we are not disrespectful to one another?

Depression destroys individuals and must be avoided.


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