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What exactly is depression?

What exactly is a cyber bully?

What exactly is a cyber bully?

Cyber has various connotations, but let's stick with technology for now.

Bullying via technology is referred to as cyberbullying.

There are several sorts of bullies.

Physical assaults, mental assaults, and cyberattacks

CyberBully launched an attack from the front lines.

Cyberbullying is so common among young people in today's digital environment that it is not labeled a bully.

Approximately 80% believe this is a joke.

Finding satisfaction in the agony of others is never possible.

Young individuals begin to tease one another and become cyberbullies.

Untrue, deceptive, libelous news, humiliating images, material, body shaming, and racial shaming.

Using the internet and disseminating it through social media

Cyberbullies are those who wish to send messages, SMS videos, or hate mail to that individual.

Because the individual hired by the cyberbully is mentally damaged, suicide is the most likely outcome.

It creates anxiety and despair.

14th of October, 2019 Sulli, a Korean musician, died of sadness after being cyberbullied.

It was well-known in this nation, but few people are aware of it.

That is why many artists avoid social media.

Every year, an estimated 700,000 individuals commit suicide throughout the world.

Every year, about 100,000 people commit suicide as a result of cyberbullying.

Every year, cyberbullies cause 37% of depression.

Every year, 47% of young people aged nine to 25 die as a result of cyberbullying.

In Myanmar, there were 1,956 suicides in 2019.

A third are teenagers.

Cyberbullying is a lethal weapon.

It is something that can cause individuals to go insane and commit themselves, so please be cautious not to become a cyber murderer.

Without criticizing and insulting the physique, skin color, gender, or the privacy of others.

I wish to create a calm neighborhood.