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How To Make Korean Egg Omelet (KyatOuLate)

How To Make Korean Egg Omelet (KyatOuLate)

It's simple to accomplish.

It is not necessary to spend time; it is sufficient to eat.

Ingredients for Korean Egg Omelet

two or three eggs

2 sheets seaweed for rice rolls

Maronis Junior

Step-by-step instructions for making "seaweed eggs"

Close it and add 2 eggs, a little salt, and soup powder.

Prepare two moss plates.

Turn on the burner, decrease the heat, and add a tiny amount of oil (with oil).

Spread 2/3 of the beaten eggs into the hot oil (lower the heat), then carefully turn the egg with the tip of a spoon from the edge of the spread. Then, set the seaweed plate on top of the egg and press it down so that the egg and seaweed plate both cook at the same time.

Spread the remaining 1 piece of egg on top of the vacant space while rolling, then set half of the seaweed plate on top of the egg and push it to make it one with the egg.

If it's too much, use a sharp knife to cut the egg moss roll (as shown in the picture).

You may now smear as much mayonnaise as you like on top of the delectable "algae eggs" and devour them.

Delicious and quick to prepare Korean Egg Omelet.