How to effortlessly learn and recall letters (or) The Effort Rule

How to effortlessly learn and recall letters (or) The Effort Rule

Princeton University researchers conducted a study in 2014.

They split the class into two groups, Groups A and B.

The first group, Group-A, was instructed to follow the notes using a pen and a book, as is customary in our schools. Group-B, the second group, got phone calls. Allow them to take notes on whichever device they like, such as a laptop.

There have been several complaints from pupils who had to follow their penmanship on the first day of class. The students stated that taking notes using pen and paper takes a long time; a lot of work; and that while writing on a Friday, their hands are exhausted.

When the lesson is finished, the phone will ring. Students who took notes on laptops took twice as many notes as those who took notes by hand. Students who use phones and laptops have a better understanding of the alphabet.

Then it was time for their semester test. Readers, which group do you believe has the higher score?

Both groups' grades are available at the end of the semester. Everyone was astonished by the outcome. When the scores of the two groups were compared, it was discovered that students in Group-A who memorized letters using phones scored twice as well as students in Group-B who learned letters using laptops.

This outcome astounded the researchers.

Group-A students who scored higher felt they could study more outside of school and score higher. So they conducted two fresh experiments.

The teacher requested that the first test be taken immediately after class. It is now time to read them.

To render it non-existent. They were invited to take a surprise exam without notice in the second test. The outcomes were same both times. Students in Group A performed twice as well as those in Group B.

We are the experiment's goal.

To discover which approach you utilize to recall what you've learnt improves your memory.

One thing we learned from this experiment

That is

The more effort you put into recording a piece of information, the better you will retain it.

Students that follow the handwriting must work harder. As a consequence, they achieve good outcomes.


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