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How To Cook Myay Oh Mee Shay

How To Cook Myay Oh Mee Shay

To give the chicken and chicken bones a sweet flavor, add half a cup of water, some broken ginger, sugar, and garlic, and let it soak for approximately an hour. With a spoon, remove the meat that has risen to the surface.

For the bitter flavor of bean paste and pickled chile, you can get ready-made mala curry paste and ready-made garlic oil. Break up the peanuts.

Your favorite delicacies, such as bean turtles, long tails, fake chicken wings, fake mouse ears, meatballs, meat sticks, meatballs, quail eggs, veggies, etc., should be prepared.

You can prepare the broth now that you have it. To the pot, add your preferred ingredients. Hua kyula oil should be added with a spoonful of hot bean paste, a teaspoon of pickled red chilies, and a spoonful of chicken powder. Along with minced meat and long pot tail, boiled chicken can be consumed. Add some chili powder and squeeze some lemon for those who prefer their food hot. Feel at ease...

After soaking in water first, add the bean turtle's long tail, the fake chicken wing, the mouse ear mushroom, and the fake meat glue stick. Cooking will therefore be convenient.

Enjoy your meal....


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