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What exactly is depression?

What exactly is depression? Where does depression originate? Is depression curable? Although it is simple to label depression as a mental condition, it is not. You may experience sadness, irritability, apathy, and dullness as a result of a mental disease. Everyone has unknowingly mental ailment. I don't want to do anything since you're constantly miserable, arrogant, weak, and lonely. I'm unable to sleep and eat. Forced sleep and forced feeding occur on occasion. I can't think clearly, I can't concentrate, I don't want to meet people anymore, I don't have the strength to meet people, I want to die, I said that those who continually image death are sick in their minds, I said that those who constantly imagine dying are sick in their minds. Anyone can experience depression. When you are mentally sick, no matter how powerful you are, you might get washed under the waves. For example, the death of a loved one, such as the person you love the most, or the lo

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